Austin Missions Trip Day 3

We had a great day! Today, we started again with the 6:45AM wake up call. This morning was the blaring of Hawaiian music and The Little Mermaid. It’s definitely not the norm but it definitely gets everyone awake!

After breakfast, we went to the morning program for worship and the introduction of today’s theme of courage. We headed out to our work sites again. One crew played and interacted with the campers. The other two crews worked with the food pantry to distribute food to almost 150 families. Both groups were busy and helped the organizations greatly.

After lunch, we loaded into the vans to go to the Main Event, a local place full of games and activities. We had five hours of unlimited bowling, mini golf, rock climbing, and laser tag. Each kids had a game card too to play arcade games. We had pizza for dinner before heading into downtown Austin to view a popular yet unique tourist attraction. If you want to look it up online, type in the Congress Avenue Bats and you’ll get more info.

The sight is right after sunset and we stood on the bridge looking down on the Colorado River to see the thousands of bats fly out to find dinner for the night. It was an amazing sight!

Before we saw the bats, we did enjoy some ice cream from Berry Austin and had a nice stroll to the bridge together.

After the bats viewing, we came back in the vans to our lodging facility to get ready for bed. We are 15 minutes away from bedtime and the kids are still wired! Talking and playing and having fun together. They are a great bunch and enjoying spending time together!

Please pray for Stacey, if you think of it. She’s come down with a cold or infection and is feeling miserable. She’s slept and rested most of the day. We want her well so she can enjoy the rest of the trip and keep making memories with the group. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Austin Missions Trip Day 3

  1. It looks like an amazing trip. Thank you for uploading the pictures and blog. It’s so much fun to follow you and to know our kids are in good hands. May the Lord bless you on this trip, and grow you all. Praying every day for you.

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