Austin Missions Trip Day 4

We were up again bright and early for the 6:45AM wake-up call. All the kids are great about getting up and ready. We headed down for breakfast. Everyone gets along (I think a first in all my years of trips!) so it’s been real fun to see the group bond.

After breakfast, we headed to the morning program ready to leave for our work sites. All of the crews were leaving straight after the program because of the travel time required to get from the church. We loaded up on water and Gatorade for the day as well as coolers full of food.

One crew headed to the Boys and Girls club again today. They crew played first with the kids outside at the playground. Then, they spent time in the library and read books with the kids (and see a movie). Then, they unloaded donated school supplies from a truck into the building to be later distributed to the children for school. Afterwards, they helped sort the leftover food from lunches as the food is then given to the homeless. They also cleaned up the cafeteria after lunch. They ended the time by coloring with the kids.

The other two crews went to Dream a Dream Horsemanship Therapy. The crew worked by setting up games and activities for the campers that were soon to arrive. They also brushed and prepared the horses to riding. The campers arriving were with SPARK and were on the autism spectrum in some way. The crews worked hard during the camp by interacting and helping the kids. They led the horses around while the campers rode and then helped with cleaning up from the camp. The crews cleaned the horses and stalls as well as help load some items into the trailer.

After all the crews returned from working, we all loaded back into the vans to go to Quarry Splash Pad to cool off and have fun. They kids enjoyed playing and sliding in the water. We stayed for a little over an hour there before heading back to the lodging facility for dinner.

After eating dinner, our crews noticed the kitchen was short on cleanup staff and voluntarily helped with sweeping, cleaning tables, and mopping the floors.

While waiting for the evening program to begin, the kids played card games and relaxed. At the evening program, each child was given a white cloth. After the teaching on surrender, each child was encouraged to place the white cloth on the cross as a symbol of surrendering worries and concerns to God. It was a powerful moment.

During our youth group devotion time, each child was individually prayed over. We had each child sit in a chair on the side of the room and all the leaders placed their hands on the child sitting with us at the time. We each prayed for them and asked God to bless them. It was a real special time for everyone.

After our devotions, the kids got ready for bed and also wrote Care Cards (little notes of encouragement) for each person in our group. All are ready for bed now and waiting lights out! Hey may take some time to wind down more though. 🙂

We look forward to another day of working tomorrow!

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