Austin Missions Trip Day 5

Forgive the short post but it’s late here. We had a busy day and lights out was extended an hour so we are getting to bed later than normal.

Today was another fun one for all the kids. We served at our sites for the last day and then went to a different splash pad after the word day to cool off.

One crew had dinner duty so they assisted in making the food. After dinner was the evening program. We had a chance to encourage one another in our crews. We all connected with those we were with and it was great to share memories.

After the evening program, we had youth group devotions and then the lip sync battle. It was fun to watch and participate.

We were awarded the “Golden Plunger” because we helped and cleaned the best out of all the churches present. We were quite proud of that accomplishment!

We had ice cream and then packed up for the trip home tomorrow. Everyone is happy and resting now.

Tomorrow, we depart the lodging facility at 8AM for a surprise stop along the way to the airport. Our flight is at 2:10pm CST with a 3 hour layover in Dallas. We are scheduled to depart Dallas at 6pm and then arrive in LGA at 10:25PM. See you all soon!

One thought on “Austin Missions Trip Day 5

  1. Thank you Pastor Leslie, Shaun, and chaperones for providing such a wonderful and safe experience for our children to serve others!

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