Preparing to Leave For Kenosha, WI Missions Trip 2019

We are heading to Kenosha, Wisconsin for a week of serving the community in need. We have a group of 8 heading there the week of July 28-August 2nd.

Here are a few trip reminders for those going:

1) Payment – Later today, you will receive an email listing how much is still due on your child’s account for the trip. The trip must be paid-in-full before we leave on the 28th. Please use the online form, which is included in the email, or let me know if you have donation checks/cash to turn into me for your fund account. Thanks!

2) Luggage – In packing, please limit your belongings to one bag. One bag is allowed (must be smaller than 62 inches and under 50lb). All items (sleeping bag/pillows/blanket, etc) must be inside bag. A backpack or purse is allowed on the plane but contents must follow TSA guidelines. The suggested packing list is attached, in case you need it.

3) Electronics – You may bring your preferred electronic devices for the travel down to WI and back to NY only. As soon as we arrive at the lodging facility, I will collect them all. Yes, this includes cell phones, iPods, gaming systems, etc. They will be kept in a secure location and will be returned on Friday at the airport. Remember, electronics are allowed for travel but bring at your own risk.

4) Food – All food and drinks will be provided on the trip. If you would like to bring snacks for the plane, they must be without peanuts and easy to transport. Also, if you would like to have an extra snack while traveling or a souvenir from the trip, personal money must be used for those items; they are not paid for by the trip funds.

5) Leaving for Wisconsin – We are meeting on Sunday, July 28th, at LaGuardia Airport at 7:30AM at the Southwest Ticket Counter, Terminal BThis does not mean arrive at LGA at 7:30AM, park your car, and then come inside to find us. This means you are standing inside at the counter at 7:30AM. The plane will not wait on us. Neither Southwest or TSA require photo identification from your child for the flight; only the boarding pass is needed. Our departure is scheduled for 10:35AM on Southwest Flight 4144.

6) Arriving in NY – We are scheduled to arrive back in New York on Friday, August 2nd, at LaGuardia Airport at 6:50PM. Please meet us at baggage claim for Southwest Flight 2340 from Milwaukee at 7:15PM.

7) Follow us in Wisconsin! – Learn what we’ve been up to each day and see pictures by following my missions trip blog: It will but updated each night around 10PM.

Praying for you!
Leslie 🙂

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