Kenosha Missions Trip Day 2

We all had a decent night sleep. In fact, all the girls were asleep before the required time for lights out – long day!

After breakfast, we all prepared for the day and went to the morning program. We were commissioned for service and sent out to our work sites. We loaded up into our van and drove about 20 minutes to the Westosha Community Senior Center.

Once we arrived at the center, we met with the directors and received our assignments. Half of the group was sent outside and the other stayed inside. The inside group cleaned and vacuumed and sanitized. The outside group raked and picked up debris on an unused garden (about an acre).

The inside group finished and were then sent outside to help with the raking and weeding. That job involved everyone until lunch time. We even endured a small rain storm but it quickly passed. The group persevered and accomplished much!

After lunch, we cleaned more and then helped with the chickens. The community center sells eggs and produce grown on the property as a way to help support their efforts of caring for the seniors in the area. We helped prepare the site for the market to open soon.

After our work site, we headed for a fun trip to the Jelly Belly Factory. That was fun and sweet! There was a lot of taste testing going on too!

Once back at the church, we had some free time and dinner. The girls had dinner cleanup and washed dishes, cleaned counters, and put away food. They did great!

We then had some more free time before the evening program. We played games and hung out together. We enjoyed the evening program and youth group devotions. Everyone is getting ready for bed as it’s been a long day.

We work tomorrow for half a day before having fun on the off day. It’s been a great trip so far!

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