About Me

I live on Long Island, about 45 minutes outside of NYC. Currently, I serve at Shelter Rock Church, a multi-campus church here on the island. I am the Director of Children’s Ministry, which means I am responsible for the ministry for infants-6th graders at all the campuses. Thankfully, I have lots of great volunteers and staff members.

My hobbies include cooking, eating ice cream while watching sports, running so I can eat more ice cream, going to the movies, and spending time with friends…mostly our times together have food involved somehow.

I hope to go on a cruise this year, my nickname is “Les”, summer is the best season in my opinion, secretly I wish I was in the FBI, and I am an Atlanta Braves fan. I have no sympathy for the Cowboys and, in fact do not like them at all…Yes, I’m a bitter NY Jets fan, as you can see, and am annoyed with Rex Ryan for never playing Tebow. Thankfully, there are plenty of college sports left to watch.

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