Kenosha Missions Trip Day 5

The girls woke up earlier than the rest of camp because we had breakfast duty. We helped prepare and cook the food as well as serve everyone. They did great!

After breakfast and morning program, we headed out to the senior community center for our last day of work. When we arrived, we were greeted with freshly baked muffins for us to enjoy. Everyone loved them!

We then went to work outside and inside the center. The ones who didn’t have a chance to do ceramics class the day before (Samantha, Katie, Joe, and Kaitlyn) were given the opportunity to do “chair yoga” with the seniors.

The others went outside to organize supplies. We then pulled garlic in the garden and the bunched them to dry. Those projects lasted till lunch time. After we ate, we all went back outside to help burn the weeds we had pulled earlier this week. Then, we had the chance to “pet” chickens. It was a fun last day!

After we worked, we went to a local working farm for a sunflower maze, animals, and “pipe rolling”. On our way back, we went for ice cream.

We then helped prepare and serve dinner. After the meal, we cleaned up the church facility as we had that hospitality task for the camp today.

We then had some free time, the evening program and then a “lip sync battle.” It was more fun! Bedtime was extended to 11pm so the kids have all been playing nicely together around camp. We then had a bonfire with s’mores too!

Off to bed and then travels tomorrow. We have some fun things in store before we board the plane but we will see you soon!

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