Kenosha Missions Trip Day 4

The morning started as usual with breakfast and morning program. Everyone has been easy and happy to wake up early!

In the morning program, we had fun celebrating Samantha’s birthday by singing and a special recognition. We headed out the the work site where we had two different group assignments. Half of us (Joseph, Hannah, Jaclyn) were given the chance to join the the senior’ ceramics class. The other half was sent outside to work in the gardens.

While the ceramics class painted, the others pulled weeds, thinned the carrots, carried brush to be burned, sorted bread donations, and fixed the road sign. It’s was a busy but fun morning.

After lunch, we weeded and swept the walking path as well as helped with the farmers market set-up. We then packed up and headed back to the church.

After we returned, we grabbed our swimsuits and then loaded again in the van. We drove a half mile down the road to the community pool to relax and have fun after working. There were water slides too that everyone enjoyed.

We came back to the church to shower. The boys then were assigned dinner prep duty. After dinner, we celebrated Samantha’s birthday again with cake and ice cream for everyone!

We then had some free time before the evening program. We reflected on God’s forgiveness and love for us during the time. After the program, we had youth group devotions and are now going to bed soon.

It’s been a great day and we look forward to tomorrow!

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