Kenosha Missions Trip Day 3

We were up bright and early today. Everyone enjoyed breakfast and then headed to the morning program to focus on serving others with the right attitude.

We then headed out to the senior community center to work. Today was a half-day of work so we tried to accomplish as much as we could in 2.5 hours.

Our first assignment was to hang up the farmer’s market road sign. The selling of vegetables and eggs is again one of the ways the community center raises funds for its programs.

After the sign was hung, we then were tasked with cleaning up weeds and debris on the property. This one area had weeds taller than all of us! There was a lot of pulling, digging, chopping and hauling to accomplish the task! Take a look at the before and after shots!

In the afternoon, we had free time to explore the area. We first went to America’s Action Territory where we had unlimited rides on go carts, number boats, number cars; laser tag games, mini golf, and choices of arcade games. All had so much fun and we stayed there six hours!

We then headed to dinner at Cracker Barrel and everyone downed their plates of country meals. After dinner, we stopped at The Cheese Castle to pick up a few souvenirs from the state. Then we all went for ice cream at Dairy Queen.

We are back at the church and ready for bed. It’s been a fun full day and we are ready to rest!

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