Kenosha Missions Trip Day 1

We made it to Kenosha! After our group met at LaGuardia bright and early, we easily went through security to our gate. We waited about 2 hours at the gate, but the time went quickly with exploring the airport, eating snacks, and playing games.

The plane ride was smooth. We were able to sit mostly together on the plane. Some of us read, slept, talked, and waited patiently.

After arriving in Milwaukee, we loaded up in our rental van and headed to lunch. We ate at a local favorite called Kopp’s – the home of the jumbo burger and frozen custard. All the kids downed burgers and custard! They can eat!

Our trip then continued to Kenosha, about an hour from the airport. We arrived at 3pm at The Encounter, the church we are staying at here. We unloaded and set up our sleeping areas. We then had some free time while other groups arrived. Then, everyone enjoyed a pizza dinner.

After dinner, we went the the evening program where we received the plan for the week as well as the assignment for our group. We are working at a senior citizen recreational facility for the week. We are doing gardening, maintenance, chicken care (yes, chickens), and interacting with the seniors at times. Everyone is excited about the chickens. 😊

We then had chapel and youth group devotions with our church. Everyone is getting along nicely and having fun. We are all looking forward to tomorrow!

One thought on “Kenosha Missions Trip Day 1

  1. Thanks for the update! Praying for all of you to have a blessed experience! May the Lord use your talents to serve him!

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